Financial Freedom 4 All

As in any other Ponzi Scheme, Brody has preyed on individuals who were either struggling financially (during and post Covid) or were just greedy.  His approach was indifferent, he would offer and dangle the reward carrot in exchange for an investment, loan or otherwise.  The promise of a return with any amount of gain, is the genesis of it all, and the most common of all conditions associated with a Ponzi / Ponzi like Scheme:  “A guaranteed promise of high returns with little risk”.  The promise of a trading platform and corresponding network and utility tokens were both a part of his scam.

Cheetahswap Online

The Website: 

The website was being launched to support the Cheetah Network Token (CHE20) and Cheetah Token (CHETA), both a part of his continued scheme to rob its investors blindly.

  • CHE20:  0x9431510897d934da919f11e2339068f728aa1a90
  • Cheetahswap: 0xbac28beb131dcb6029232c9399717c91081e9f5d

Although it’s no high crime to build a website on WIX, it is certainly a red herring, when you consider the UI and UX gaps.  In the most basic of explanations the website has no offerings, and only served as another smoking mirror in a series of attempts to conceal the real intent of the developer.  The login to the WIX portal turned out to be his email address, brodycrawf23@gmail.com.  Go figure!


Among other missing components:

There were numerous red flags in the weeks leading the ‘Launch of the Coin’, primarily because there were blaring gaps.  Critical components that were missing and that seem to never materialize.  Among them ‘Whitepaper’ or as some refer to it, the ‘LitePaper’.   In the real world, the whitepaper is that document, that explains the technology and purpose of the project.  It is supposed to explain to its investors how the cryptocurrency was conceived and highlights its purpose and provides a forecast of the Tokenomics. 

The closest anyone ever saw that would ever resemble a ‘LitePaper’ is the the following screen capture captured on December 4th, 2021, one day shy of the launch, and 15 days after trading had commenced.   It’s narrative, attempts to portray a story of grander, promises and success, but at the end only proved to be as shallow as its author, a classic pump and dump, and rug pull scheme, that likely generated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Brody Crawford.

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The APP!

The “app” was a fake as the millions Brody claims to have.  We managed to get a copy of the app, and for the sake of our own security, ran it through an emulator.  We discovered it was built using  AppCreator24, website where in just a few clicks you can build and deploy a shell android app.  Basically a mobile app that encapsulates other apps.  In Brody’s clairvoyant world, Merlin, was just a shell over the Verox.io mobile app.

The app was protected with a 4 digit pass-code, that really wasn’t worth our time to brute force.  However, there was one person within the group that did have the pass-code.  He was testing the app, but was always reluctant to release the code.  I’ve always suspected he was holding out just in case that payday came around.  Justin, did you ever get paid?!   I’m convinced that there were hundreds like him, waiting for that glorious day.

Click the image to download the Cheetah App!

Hard to believe TJ was not involved

It is unclear as to whether Tejasa was ‘fully’ aware of the scams that Brody was carrying out or not!  However, it is evident that she was very close to the action, as seen here in the video demonstration video that Brody was touting and had shared to members of his “Dream Team”.  The one pressing question that we are left with is why is she in disguise?

If you are wondering if it’s Tejasa, just listen and watch her reaction as she tries to keep her little daughter from injuring herself!  Scroll to view the series of captures.

The Collapse!

There’s no argument among any of Brody’s victims that there were signs of wrong doing throughout their relationship, or exposure to him…

Whether his erratic behaviors were being directed at the victim(s) themselves, or witnessed against others, it was always only a matter of days or weeks before everyone started to understand that something is wrong.  Unfortunately, by the time people had reached this realization, they had already been scammed were now in either a state of disbelief, or denial of their error.

Ironically, many would hold silence out of fear of being thought of as being foolish for having fallen for the scam, while others would hold silence hoping that it was just a hiccup in the master plan to financial freedom.

The most common tactic that Brody has used, and may continue using is to ‘stall’.  To punt or push back his payback or payoff by a few days for any number of reasons including, gas fees, market conditions, and his upcoming Cheetah Launch – which brings us to the Cheetah Launch Party and the Collapse of Cheetah and Ryan James Crawford.

December 5, 2021

The long awaited launch date for the Cheetah Trading App, and long awaited pay day for many.

It was ART Basel weekend, and many had traveled in from out of town, and out of the country, to celebrate Brody’s birthday weekend, the launching of the Cheetah Trading App and more importantly get paid.

But once more, leading up to ‘showtime’, something was not right and there was a lingering and pungent sense of uncertainty.  As if by commission, the venue of the event was changed at the last minute and as if by fate, Brody would insinuate it was someone else’s fault.  He blamed A King.

Somewhere between the start of the venue and late evening, Brody would make the lethal decision to accept $140K from a collective of NFL players.  A decision that would later become the falling of his house of cards, listen to Brody admit to having lost all of their money.

Brody’s working on a
plan to save the world!

Unless we stop him first!

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What Next?

First, be certain to share this website to anyone that you may know that may have been victimized by Brody and/or Tejasa Crawford.  Please submit your personal complaint to the FBI (https://www.ic3.gov/), The United States Attorney’s office (USAFLS-CitizenCompla@usdoj.gov) and the SEC (https://tcr.sec.gov/TcrExternalWeb/faces/pages/accept.jspx).  In doing so, you will be doing your part in protecting others from Brody and Tejasa Crawford.  As well as possibly saving the life of anyone who may have considered suicide or has become gravely ill, because of their financial loss and despair.

Dear STEVE, we know you were stressed beyond any of our understanding because of your financial losses to Brody, may your memory be a blessing to all those that knew you.  REST IN PEACE!

Media Inquiries should be directed to:  exposing@brodycrawford.com

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